About Lloyd L. St.Clair III

About Lloyd L. St.Clair III

A little About Myself

I am a  Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend; Entrepreneur, Investor, Marketer, and most of all a Dreamer.

Dreamers are Thinkers and Thinkers, Dream.

Born to Lloyd and Marie St.Clair, the oldest of their six children, I was raised in New York  City.  It was in 1984, I met my lovely wife of 25 years, Tracy. Tracy and I have been blessed with a handsome family who we love to spend time and travel with.

I teamed up with long time friends and successful internet marketers and business owners, Susan Russell and Sandra Silver and formed the marketing company, Sirust Corporation, located in Westbury,  NY.   I have always enjoyed helping others from the time of a child and it is in this forum, this blog, I will share my ideas any information I have to help you become your very best.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

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