About This Website

About This Website

There lessons learned, and there are lessons earned. The lesson we learn are from others who teach us. They have walked the road and weathered the storms. It is through their knowledge we can avoid pitfalls and setbacks. Your first teacher, your parent, directed you to avoid danger; “Look both ways before you cross the street.”, “Don’t talk to strangers.”,  and many more like these. We benefit from their experiences, passed from generation to generation. The lessons we earn come in two forms. The first comes by way of no ready, reliable, or proven information. You are the pioneer in this event. The second, is the result of arrogance, laziness, pride, or  stubbornness. At any rate, it is a costly event. At the very least, you waste time and energy; at the very worst, it can cost your life or the life of someone you love.

Here, on this site, I wish to share the benefit of my own experience and what I have learned from others. The knowledge I have is not mine to keep. Nor is the knowledge you have yours to keep. What benefit is a well to the thirsty if  its keeper keeps it shut? It may as well not exist. It’s useless.  I encourage everyone to mentor someone directly or indirectly. You never know who’s listening, who watching, who life you’re impacting.

You will find much of what I share rooted in Bible Scripture. The Bible is the base of my early education and in it are the answers we seek about business and life. This site is not forum to preach Christianity.  What you will find are values and principals you probably already know, but don’t remember where you heard it, or are curious to its origin.  Direct your comments and questions to Lloyd@LloydStClair.com. I will answer any questions that will benefit the community at large on the topics I focus on.

As with any site, holding to a high  level of integrity, you will find no bigotry, defamation, or any other indecency.

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