Does The Cprime Bracelet Work

Does The Cprime Bracelet Work

Last night I went to a meeting the neighboring state of NJ, taken by my close friends and business partners. I was full of resistance and immediately upon entering the room started mentally criticizing everyone in the room. I thought to myself, “This is where all the flower children and cult escapees are hiding.”

I sat through the presentation, and although impressive, I was not moved, and having been to many who rah events in the past, I was waiting for the carrot, the compensation plan, the bait to get you to sign up, clawing, like the people outside Noah’s Ark when the rain hit their butts. The presenter, Jeff, never mentioned it. I even questioned him openly in front of the audience, I wanted a target. He politely stated he couldn’t go into, but would be happy to go into with me personally…Well that just raised the  “There is No money in this thing” flag.

So the meeting ends and I’m ready to high tail it back across the Hudson to sane comfort of the land of critics. But before we leave my good friend and partner, insisted I be demonstrated on…and I am thinking, “This is it. I can punch a hole in this thing, so big you could park the space shuttle in.” I am 5’11” 260 lbs, reasonably fit, and this little woman, Jean, is not going tip “this guy” with or without a mojo band.

Well, she gave me this plastic tube about 3 and half in length to hold out in front of me with both hands, and asked me to place both feet together, and she leaned on it, and I was moved, and not pleased; this little lady almost tipped me. That was the before test,

Now Jean, placed the Cprime band on my shoulder and repeated the same. I placed my feet together, and held the plastic bar out in front of me both hands, and she leaned on it this time with her body weight and I was not moved, and very pleased. I my mind, that first time was a fluke and I’m back to myself again, but then, Jean removed the band from shoulder and leaned on the plastic bar again, I almost fell over. I was surprised!

It gets better, Jean asked the guy next to me, who was wearing a Cprime bracelet, to place his hand on my shoulder, which he did, and Jean leaned on the bar again, I was rigid as a board. Finally, Jean decides to give me the ultimate demonstration of transference. She filled a water glass with some water. By the way this water glass was the traditional stemmed water glass you find on cruise ships and fine restaurants. This was not some diner water glass with a flat bottom. Jean laid the Cprime bracelet down and placed the stemmed water glass on it and let it sit for about a minute and then asked me to drink it. I did, and then she tested me again, I was as steady as if I were in contact with the Cprime bracelet. I was now convinced.  Jean state she could no longer demonstrate on me because the result achieved from drinking the water would last two hours.

I began to think who I wanted to help with this product. My first thoughts were to my wife and to my mother. My wife is always complaining of being fatigued. Teaching drains a lot of her energy and my mother is a renal failure survivor and would benefit from wearing the Cprime bracelet.  As the hours wore on as I travelled back home, I felt the energy I had leave my body from my core. I never felt like that before. I wanted to eat and I wanted to sleep. My body was calling for energy any way it could get it. I knew immediately the effects of drinking the water had worn off.

I began writing this article as a response to a post I saw on I wanted more information on the Cprime bracelet, and did what any New York born skeptic would do, I googled “ Cprime bracelet” and found their forum. There are so many posts bashing Cprime, but none of them have experienced Cprime. Even the one person who claims to be 80 and falls less; you read further into his sarcasm. He states he “…now has sex 6-10 times a day without falling down once…” and goes on further about his exotic dancer girlfriend. He is, clearly, not a creditable source.

I wondered why so many posts were looking to discredit the product. I imagined them in front of the Messiah, asking “So, Jesus, how does this miracle thing work?!”  And, then an echo from the past…I remembered a friend told me once, “A man forced against his will is of the same opinion still.”  So I abandoned my effort to respond to the darts thrown at Cprime, and decide to become a distributor. To know that it works, is enough for me, how and why is really not important to me. That information is not going to get me the result I am looking to achieve.

They laughed at Columbus, marked the Wright brothers, and crucified Jesus and I am not putting myself in their league, by no means. What I am saying, people will underwrite their position in the face of resounding evidence, if for nothing else, for the sake of being hubris.

One final thought. When you look to take something apart, dismantle it, break it down, you pay close attention and look for the weaknesses, the opening where you can lay siege. You critics reading this know what I am talking about. And that was my posture last night, playing coy but looking for a flaw. The first was the price. The Cprime Bracelet retails for about $100.00 on average. “Aha!” I thought. “This thing is outrageously priced.”

It was not immediately addressed but found out later, the pricing is to encourage you to return it if you are not satisfied with it. If you purchased a product for thirty bucks and it fails to work for you in 90 days, you are more likely not to return it. However if you paid a hundred dollars for it, you would definitely return it. I find this to be true considering the pants I purchased for thirty bucks and was to rushed to try them on in the store.  I got home found my waist was not in agreement with the size I chose for myself. They hang in my closet, tags in tack, months later. On the other hand I purchased a product for seventy five dollars and was not using it. I promptly returned it. Pricing does affect response. If it works for you, you will appreciate its value; if it doesn’t you will return it.

The other opening I saw was the disguised autoship…”Humph, they want you to purchase this thing every twenty eight days, It must wear off.”  The Cprime Bracelet is it not consumable, and need not be replenished. It is what is called a lifetime item. You buy it once. Yes you can have more than one, but it is entirely up to you. In addition, the purpose is to keep you in full supply as you share your good experience. I hear distributors run out quickly when they show the product.

Through my own experience, the Cprime Bracelet does what it says it does. There is not power source in the bracelet. What it does, is, protect you from the radio waves and other electronic emissions that interfere with your electromagnetic pattern that cause you to be less effective. And that’s exactly what I need; something to protect me and my family from the harsh environment technology has afforded us. Have you seen the youtube video with the three cell phones causing popcorn kernels to pop?

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