What And We Do About Todays Job Market

What And We Do About Todays Job Market

While many are focusing on the problem, the clear response is what is the solution to the rapid decline in job availability?  What we are experiencing is an evolution in our economy; a shift in the way we do business. There is a movement away from the traditional brick and mortar stores leaving no need for employees in the wake of empty structures. So what is the solution? Where can a person find work to secure an income and feed their family?

The new frontier for income and employment is the internet and home based businesses. The internet has been an income opportunity resource since its evolution in the late 1990’s, but now it is moving from a pastime to an integral part of our economy bringing with it the home based business and the work from home, work force.

Individuals who can make the shift readily will find a comfortable transition working from home. Unfortunately, many are reluctant for change and have not yet taken hold of the computer age. But there is hope for them too.

A new company out of the New England area has reworked its business model with the home based worker as well as the home based business person in mind. Initially fixed on a model targeting direct sales by individuals with business desires and or experience, North American Power, a Connecticut based Alternative Energy Supplier, moved to a rather unique home based business model.

North American Power, currently licensed to do business in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, offers the residential electricity payer, the ability to earn an income, when they try the North American Power service over their current electric service provider.  The consumer has the option of choosing 100% green renewable energy or the traditional energy mix currently provided by their local utility provider, but at a reduced rate.

What makes this model so unique is the lack of a required investment, unlike business rivals, Ambit, Ignite and Viridian, to take part in the revenues generated from the deregulated market. North American Power shares its revenues with the electric service consumer, when he or she takes advantage of the North American Power product. The new user now has the ability to build an income by sharing with others, the North American Power product and opportunity. All with no out of pocket investment. The other companies charge as much as five hundred dollars and a monthly fee to maintain a website. This new concept in relational marketing, especially among the companies filling the deregulation gap, eliminates the stall to move forward when finances are an issue.

North American Power has had its challenges entering into new markets and had to push back their launch in both New York and New Jersey respectively.  Also NAP has taken a big gamble on perceived value by not charging a fee to become an affiliate and share in the revenue generated multi-billion dollar energy industry.  North American Power has the backing of industry giant British Petroleum with an unlimited line of credit. An event unheard of before in the home based business model. And with its new product directed at individuals outside of the NAP service area, American Wind, targets green conscious consumers with the opportunity to make an impact on the ecology and the future American economy with Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)’s. REC’s allows the consumer who does not have green renewable energy available to them, take credit for using 100% green renewable energy. And while there is no tangible value to the certificates, the consumer has the comfort knowing their dollars are going toward the development of wind farms and lessen the American economy’s dependence on fossil oil based fuels. NAP, sticking to its unconventional trend, is offering double revenue shares to anyone buying the REC’s and selling them as part of their business opportunity. In an economy where companies are downsizing and belt tightening to preserve revenues, North American Power continues to swim against the tide with confidence.

During the deregulation of Telecom in the last quarter of the 20th century, as many as 500 companies at one time entered the market and many fortunes were made. Among them were American Communications Network (ACN) and Excel. These companies charged large fees in their business model for anyone looking to work with them to generate sales. While this is a traditional model, “Pay me to make money for me.”, North American Power has veered clear of the over beaten path and struck a new direction which well may be an answer to rising unemployment in the American economy.

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